Disodium Succinate

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Crystals Molecular formulaC4H4Na2O4•6H2O 

Anhydrous Molecular formulaC4H4Na2O4                     


Crystallization is white crystal granule: Anhydrous compound is crystal powder. It has especial seashell taste; taste threshold value is 0.03%. Easily dissolve in water. Not dissolve in ethanol; stably exist in air.


Flavoring agent; sour agent; buffer. Is mainly used for ham, sausage, seafood, seasoning and so on. General dosage is 0.01% -0.05%. As a condiment to use, general use of anhydrous powdered material, in order to speed up the dissolution.

For instant noodles, instant food seasoning compound, with additional fresh and special flavor, amount of about 0.5%. This product is usually associated with glutamic acid combination, the dosage is about 10% of glutamic acid.

Other industrial usesElectroplating, building materials additive...


Molecular formula,anhydride:


Molecular weight:



crystal white crystal granules;anhydride is crystal powder; odorless,no acid taste, taste threshold 0.03%; at 120℃, it will loose crystal water and become anhydride;easily soluble in water,insoluble in ethanol; stable in the air.

Quality index:

In accordance with Q/SS02-2005 standard


Assay≥98%PH-value,5% water solution7-9Arsenic(As2O3)≤2PPMHeavy metal (Pb)≤10PPMSulphate (SO2-4)≤0.019%Potassium permanganate reducing substancesQualifiedDrying loss (120℃, 3h)≤2%



As flavoring agent, buffering agent.


25kg Kraft paper  bag with plastic lining.


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