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YigangCHEM has regarded scientific innovations as the driving force for sustainable development. Adhering to a development strategy of “established chemical enterprise, new materials”, it tries to improve scientific innovation mechanisms promote scientific conversions and applications, boost intellectual property protections and enhance self-innovations and sustainable development.


Yigang set up the Ministry of science and technology in Foshan, Guangdong Province.

To manage the scientific and technological innovation and progress of the whole system, to provide decision-making and technical support for the company's innovation strategy and major scientific and technological projects; to set up the company's science and technology awards to reward individuals or groups who have made achievements in chemical scientific research, technological innovation and development, promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements, industrialization of high and new technology, popularization of science and technology; to promote the level of scientific and technological innovation Taiwan construction, build an open innovation system, provide important support for the company to enhance its independent innovation ability and core competitiveness.